How to Do a DotA Commentary

On the off chance that you think you are simply observing a lot of DotA analysis and are exhausted/debilitated/tired of the analyst’s articulation and whatsoever, you can undoubtedly make you possess Dota boostmmr discourse and transfer onto YouTube or other video sharing sites. It is exceptionally simple and you ought to trust me.

This page will show you how to DIY a DotA editorial video without breaking a sweat.

To outline everything in short. There are not many strides to do this.

1. Quest for good DotA replays

2. Examine the replay

3. Recording

4. Altering

5. Rendering

6. Transferring

Quest for good DotA replays

It is incredibly essential to look through great DotA replay. In the event that the replay don’t have energizing gank battle/group battle/defining moments, at that point don’t make a fuss over them any more. Typically what I will do is to glance through what rivalries are going on right now (ADC, WCG, et), for the most part the profoundly focused challenge do have a great deal of good replays which are openly appropriated.

Break down the replay

Before doing the real recording, I think it is important to realize when is the main blood/group battles/gankings/. It is downright awful to miss the main blood. It isn’t important to watch the entire replay yet realizing when to switch the screen is significant. On the off chance that you are feeling the loss of a great deal of executes, your watchers won’t be so cheerful about it. A decent programming to use here is the DotA Replay Manager which essentially spare you an opportunity to watch the entire replay. Simply Google it, at that point you can without much of a stretch to think that it’s on the web.


Recording is the most significant part. There are a few programming (for example ViewletCam

Camtasia Studio, Fraps) web based permitting to record your screen. The one that I am utilizing is Fraps. It doesn’t make a difference which programming you use, they all have great avi record yield. I prescribe to set the fps to 15 or 20 with half size. From my own involvement, 15 fps (half size) will yield a 4GB record everything 20mins.